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"Santino Di Berardino" Research Allowance

Hipácia offers an allowance to researchers of any field (humanities, social sciences, hard sciences) who wish to pursue a research project, fostering a collaborative relationship between Italy and Portugal.

This grant is named in loving memory of Santino Di Berardino (1950 – 2021), founding member of Hipácia, who had a long scientific career between the two countries, supporting and mentoring young researchers for over 40 years.


2021 (instructions): Martina DelfinoPortuguese Language promotion: an analysis of the relationships among policies of Portuguese language promotion


Other Research Grants and Scientific Job Offers

Within our group, scholarships and job offers in the field of research are also announced. For more information, subscribe to our mailing list by writing to


Discounts and Partnerships

Hipácia members have access to discounts with our partners:

Associazione Socio Culturale Italiana del Portogallo – Dante Alighieri: 15% discount on language courses